Vision Zero Texas
is a project of Farm&City, a 501(c)(3) think and do tank dedicated to high quality urban and rural human habitat in Texas in perpetuity.

We don’t want ten people to die every day in the Texas transportation system, and we share this concern with a growing number of Texans.

Safe speed policy, comprehensive safety measures, and structural changes to how we approach transportation planning and funding is on the table, if we seize this opportunity.

Solving this crisis is complex and requires a thoughtful openness followed by action from governments and communities across the state.

World Day of Remembrance
is an international event held each year to honor road violence victims. An event has been held in Austin for the last several years at Austin City Hall.

Several organizations, including Farm&City, Vision Zero ATX, WalkAustin, Central Texas Families for Safe Streets, and BikeAustin have collaborated to host these events and develop and fulfill a policy change each year to honor the victims with actions to prevent future deaths and serious injuries.

This year, we are moving the event from the local level to the state, as the City of Austin cannot do this on its own. We need responsible leadership across the state to end traffic deaths.