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Envisioning an end to the traffic violence epidemic on Texas streets. Doing something about it. 

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All Texas communities deserve safe streets

Texas leads the nation in traffic violence on our streets with ten people dying every day using the Texas transportation system. The rate of traffic death in Texas is almost identical to the rate of deaths from breast cancer, but we are not taking this epidemic seriously. It is time to act responsibly.

Safe Speed Limit

Reduce the speed limit for Texas neighborhood streets from 30 to 25 mph.

 Allow cities to lower speed to 20 mph where appropriate.

Safe Design Speed

All city streets where cars and pedestrians interact should be designed for safe speeds.
  • No loss of life on our roads is acceptable.
  • All road users deserve safe streets.
  • Injury or death is not an inevitable price to pay for mobility.

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We are building a movement and need your help. You can support the work of Vision Zero Texas and the campaign for Safe Neighborhood Streets by donating here

Take Action for Safer Streets Across Texas

Vision Zero Texas is focusing on the Safe Neighborhood Streets Bill, a statewide Vision Zero Action Plan, and Safe Design Speed Policies for all cities and counties. However, there are many traffic safety campaigns, ways to make our streets safer, and many efforts, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving that continue doing this work every day. Please support these efforts as well as ours:

Champion Cheer Petition

After losing one of their own to a driving while texting crash, the Champion Cheer  community has organized a petition asking the Texas legislature to ban driving while using electronic devices. Please sign and share  this rapidly growing petition.

Vision Zero Action Plan for Houston

So far, only Austin and San Antonio have adopted a Vision Zero approach and published or are working on their Vision Zero Action Plan to end road deaths. Houston Tomorrow published a report in early 2016 calling for Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner to take a moral stand for safe streets in Houston. Yet, Houston remains a dangerous place to walk, bike, or ride in a car. Read the report and email Mayor Turner to ask him to act.

Texas Traffic Safety Task Force

Former Texas Transportation Commissioner Jeff Moseley led an effort to look at reducing traffic deaths in Texas at TXDOT. While we are disappointed with the limited scope of this work, there are meaningful solutions presented in the report. Read it here.

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