We Can
End Traffic Deaths
in Texas

Every day, 10 families lose a loved one on Texas roads

Another fifty people suffer life-altering injuries.

Every day in Texas.

Texas needs a goal to end traffic deaths.

And we need to fix our streets to save lives now.

So, we're heading to the Capitol to get this done.
And you can help.
We want
Safe Neighborhood Streets

We want
a Statewide Hands Free Law

We want
to Protect Pedestrians

We want
to End Traffic Deaths

Join the movement
We need every level of government focused on ending traffic deaths in Texas.

Join the local campaign for every city, every county, and every MPO to adopt Vision Zero

Support our state legislative agenda for the 2021 session of the Texas legislature

Join the national campaign to demand that every U.S. presidential candidate take a pledge to End the Silence on Traffic Violence and put forth a comprehensive national plan to end the epidemic